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March 29, 2008

Easter Contrasts

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My mind remembered wearing pristine-white gloves, a pastel frilly new dress, a fluffy white jacket and a fancy white bonnet as I now dug in the earth with dirt under my fingernails and cuts on my fingers from pulling sturdy strands of Bermuda grass out of the vegetable bed.  I watched earthworms wriggle in abundance, now more worms than rocks and clay in the previously heavy soil. 

Manure, peat moss, nutrients and compost allowed the soil to transform from all clay and Bermuda grass to arable, fertile garden able to provide a growing place for nutritious vegetables interspersed with flowers.   Watching worms wriggling instead of people in church pews, as the services droned on. 

The sun gently warmed my back as I worked on this Easter Sunday, a lovely day with a slight breeze.  I was aware that many people were at church services, and I was glad the day was nice rather than having any precipitation, as originally forecast.  Children could engage in the egg hunts and adults get the necessary pictures taken.

For me, at this stage of my life, being outside in the garden with the worms and birds and budding trees and flowering forsythia and crocus was a blessing.  Yet also a contrast from years ago when life was very different. 

Easter, the season of new birth/rebirth, for the earth as the seasons changed from winter and for us our seasons of life change.  It all felt so right!

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