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July 31, 2014

DLP Prompt: use a stamp in a new way

The prompt for Document Life Project one week was to use a stamp in a different way so I debossed.  This entails applying a thick coating of gesso onto a square piece of index card, then putting your stamp into the gesso.  Some of the gesso pulls off leaving an imprint that is raised and interesting.  I then used gold and pink acrylics brushed lightly on top.  I adhered the index card to a prepared page and added a small tag I had previously done but just added the leftovers of the debossing stamp for more texture.  Washi tape connects the page to the moleskin journal.

DLP stamp debossing

The next picture shows the other side of the tip-in with a red stamp randomly applied over the page to create more design.  Then a pre-designed tag was stamped twice to create depth and washi tape lace added both more depth and texture.

DLP stamp over page w-tag

The debossed tip-in with the prepped planner page and “To Do List” complete with a parchment flower and a picture from an old movie magazine allowing room for journaling about the week.

DLP stamp 3 pages w-parchment flower

A lovely week to insert and add to my Project Life album, which will remind me of the process long from now.  And will show what I am doing during my day along with other daily photos.

September 17, 2013

Greeting Cards

A while back I started to make greeting cards for some of the people I love.  It is a pleasure to think of them as I worked on the cards.  Photos of the person(s) involved add to the uniqueness of the cards but those won’t be shown here.  This example was the front for a job well done:

front of card

This stamped card for a just announced pregnant couple used a picture from Pinterest as well as a wood chip heart:

Tara&Joe Anniv card-2nd inside - Copy

This used washi tape, stamping and stitched together quotes from Pinterest for a birthday:

Susie inside - Copy

Of course, various washi tapes, stamping, embellishments all add  to it.  And maybe even a print of a great quote or picture from Pinterest.  After I make the cards, I scan them to use in my Project Life albums.  This is a nice way to further remind me what I have made even as it honors that person and those events.

August 13, 2013

Stamping for Project Life & Art Journals

Simple stamping in preparing some cards and embellishments ahead of time is helpful to have on hand and fun to do.

8-2-13  PL cardstock w-stamping - Copy

Cut out some cardstock to the correct sizes and stamp away.  Then use your circle punch on those same cardstocks to stamp and enjoy the results when mixed in with cut-out circles from other papers.  these can also be used in art journals.

8-2-13  PL circles w-stamping - Copy

There is no limit to what you can do.

August 1, 2013

One never knows…

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I was doing some stamping for some Project Life cards and then stamping the extra ink out onto an envelope that happened to be lying near by.  When I finished making my cards, I went to clean up and to throw out the envelope.  I  looked, and decided I really liked the look of the whole envelope, postmark and all:

4x6 stamped envelope

I then cropped out both 3×4 and 4×6 cards from the original, including the barcode:

3x4 stamped Memories, heart arrow

4x6 stamped Memories, heart arrow

One never knows…

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