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April 8, 2011


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I started on ‘spring’ early this year by planting an indoor garden in November.  Hands in dirt planting seeds filled with the promise of good taste and nutrition is always rejuvenating for me.  December and January saw things coming up gingerly as I watered and misted  and talked to the bright seedlings rising to the light.  By February and March everything was developed enough to eat the salad greens and the herbs, like basil, cilantro, parsley and dill.  What a treat for both the eyes and the taste buds.

And outside the grape hyacinths and tulips have been blooming along with the henbit, dandelions and violets. All shades of green form the backdrop to the vibrant colors.

The angel is healing from having one of her wings broken off when either a squirrel, raccon or the wind knocked her over.  She is still lovely even with only one wing.

What beauty and healing within and without!

June 8, 2008

Maple Arrows

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Maple Arrows


As arrows shot from a volley of archers

towards an unseen foe

land in unison

arrowheads imbedded in ground

with shafts all at the same angle

littering the ground,


So do maple trees shoot their seed-pods

in spring to impregnate the soil

as seed heads are driven deep

the dried shafts – their job done,

cover the earth.


In fall the seed pods are double-winged

each a Siamese twin

Over winter they dry


for spring breezes to separate the twins

and implant each one

to provide for new seedlings.


Not death, but life, comes from this volley

                  as nature, not man, has designed.


        – previously published in Taborri Press


March 29, 2008

Easter Contrasts

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My mind remembered wearing pristine-white gloves, a pastel frilly new dress, a fluffy white jacket and a fancy white bonnet as I now dug in the earth with dirt under my fingernails and cuts on my fingers from pulling sturdy strands of Bermuda grass out of the vegetable bed.  I watched earthworms wriggle in abundance, now more worms than rocks and clay in the previously heavy soil. 

Manure, peat moss, nutrients and compost allowed the soil to transform from all clay and Bermuda grass to arable, fertile garden able to provide a growing place for nutritious vegetables interspersed with flowers.   Watching worms wriggling instead of people in church pews, as the services droned on. 

The sun gently warmed my back as I worked on this Easter Sunday, a lovely day with a slight breeze.  I was aware that many people were at church services, and I was glad the day was nice rather than having any precipitation, as originally forecast.  Children could engage in the egg hunts and adults get the necessary pictures taken.

For me, at this stage of my life, being outside in the garden with the worms and birds and budding trees and flowering forsythia and crocus was a blessing.  Yet also a contrast from years ago when life was very different. 

Easter, the season of new birth/rebirth, for the earth as the seasons changed from winter and for us our seasons of life change.  It all felt so right!

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