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January 4, 2014

Riversleigh Revisited

There seems to be more activity of late at Riversleigh.  For quite a while nothing much went on other than various animals, birds, fish and insects living their lives.  As a shape shifter, I am equally at home moving from squirrel scampering up a tree, to hawk catching the updrafts, to a fish in the stream, to a wolf prowling the tundra, to a turtle burrowing into the ground for winter’s hibernation, and so on.  Occasionally, I would transfer to the barest hint of a human, sitting and observing the beauty of nature and its inhabitants, and the patterns of life.

Picture from "Meditation Masters" facebook site

Picture from “Meditation Masters” Facebook site

The freedom to do whatever I wanted and to be whatever I wanted was exhilarating.  All forms were possible.  And all forms were pleasing as each expressed a different part of myself and my Inner Child.  During this time I often reminisced about the days when Riversleigh was more fully occupied and inhabited, and how I interacted within the parameters of those people.  A rich realm, filled with unlimited potential for all – truly a blessing!

May 10, 2011

Slither Through

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The sunshine draws me outdoors, to stand breathing deeply the fragrance of the enormous, newly flowering wild rose bush as I look around the back yard.  The rains and floods have gone, at least for a while, having taken lives and property even as they penetrated to feed the deepest roots of the trees.  Herbs and salad greens, tomatoes and peppers, leeks and cukes all flourishing on the deck.  The peonies have just opened providing what appears to be a delightful meal for ants. The sun shines through the Japanese maple leaves creating a stained glass glow to the now vivid-red translucent leaves against the green leaves of the Apache willow and the blue sky.


I long to be a part of the beauty and peace of the moment.  Birds call to one another and to me, in various voices.  Shades of green flicker as the air wafts through trees and birds zoom through the tiny openings.  A brown rabbit has been a statue, watching me as I watch it.  I step off the deck and walk toward the rose bush.  The cascading branches filled with flowers call me closer.  I see the gate just under the abundance of fragrant roses, calling me to what lies beyond.  Always a mystery; always something new.  The play of light and dark…


 Passing under the rose arch, I put my hand on the gate and ponder: is this the time to pass through or should I be doing my chores?  No real question there – it’s time.

 I take my hand off the gate, relax and focus… and slither through.

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