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May 8, 2013

Visual Nourishment

One of the reasons I so like Pinterest is the Visual Nourishment it provides me when I look at the pages of either my boards (here is a sample) 

Sample of my Pinterest Boards

or the boards of others.  It almost doesn’t matter what the topic is – the visuals are wonderful and are very important to a visual person such as myself.   So as you are looking at the pins others have put on their boards that you follow either because you are interested in the topic  or just like to look at a topic, you get to choose which pins you want to put onto your boards.

 One of the choices you make is what to name your boards.  Most do  it by nouns: turtles, gardens, dance,  flowers, labyrinths, mandalas, art journals, quotes, childhood memories, etc. 

For some reason I tend to think in patterns and so named many boards for a theme that occurs in many different areas but all sharing the same trait, so turtles and gardening are on my Healing Haven board, the wonders of people’s faces and diversity of cultures are on Faces of Wisdom and Faces of the World boards, Project Life pages people have completed or cards available for printing are included in the Project Life board, while mandalas, labyrinths and meditation/spiritual pins are all on my Journey to the Center board.  

I’ll be more specific about the boards on a follow-up post and also include how the pins assist me in doing my Project Life albums.

May 2, 2013

Link Party Lists combined with Project Life

I came across the Shabby Blogs site (http://shabbyblogsblog.blogspot.com) where she is conducting a Link Party List that comes out each Tuesday.   Check it out if you are interested in either participating or checking out the links: 

ShabbyBlogs Tuesday Ten

ShabbyBlogs Tuesday Ten

I thought this would be  great way to combine her project with my Project life album I have been keeping, so I made my list of 10 random facts about myself in the form of 4×6 cards I made that I can print out and insert  in my page protectors:

5-1-13 List- random things self-front-cr

and the next 5 items on page 2:

5-1-13 List- random things self-2nd pf-cr

This was a very interesting way of combining the two different projects.  I am looking forward to continuing creatively incorporating blogging and Project Life.

April 19, 2013

Slithering Through Changes

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This last year has been one of slithering through many changes; experimenting with many art/writing forms; making a variety of projects with various art/word combinations.  It has been a wonderfully creative and explorative year as I shed one form of creativity to take on another, then shed that – or more accurately, merge that with all the others I’ve done and will do. 

One of my projects involved using 2 beautiful pages from an old garden calendar to make an accordion journal in which to keep seed packets, an assortment of pretty notes and cards to jot down ideas about the garden, etc. 

An Accordian Garden Journal

An Accordion Garden Journal

This easy to make and a delight to my eyes garden journal was a gift to a friend who appreciates her garden and loves to keep details of what happens when in her garden.   I found that I loved looking at it more than I could picture using it in any way other than for visual delight.  I’m too much the get-your-hands-dirty big picture person rather than the wear-gloves detail oriented person in the garden. 

I taped 2 calendar pages together, pasted 2 more taped pages turned upside down onto the first set.   Then I folded up one side about 1/3, taping edges to hold flap in place.  Then accordion pleat the entire length, cutting off wherever necessary to come out with evenly spaced pages/pockets.  Free-form cut the top of the pages and the pockets  in accordance with placement and design. Then I started adding various notes and cards I decorated with washi tape, stickers and drawings.

Accordian Garden Journal - front view

Accordion Garden Journal – front view

This was a fairly quick and easy project that was perfect for anticipating spring and working in the garden. And one I will probably do again for myself – for visual enjoyment and for – who knows what idea might spring up?

May 10, 2011

Slither Through

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The sunshine draws me outdoors, to stand breathing deeply the fragrance of the enormous, newly flowering wild rose bush as I look around the back yard.  The rains and floods have gone, at least for a while, having taken lives and property even as they penetrated to feed the deepest roots of the trees.  Herbs and salad greens, tomatoes and peppers, leeks and cukes all flourishing on the deck.  The peonies have just opened providing what appears to be a delightful meal for ants. The sun shines through the Japanese maple leaves creating a stained glass glow to the now vivid-red translucent leaves against the green leaves of the Apache willow and the blue sky.


I long to be a part of the beauty and peace of the moment.  Birds call to one another and to me, in various voices.  Shades of green flicker as the air wafts through trees and birds zoom through the tiny openings.  A brown rabbit has been a statue, watching me as I watch it.  I step off the deck and walk toward the rose bush.  The cascading branches filled with flowers call me closer.  I see the gate just under the abundance of fragrant roses, calling me to what lies beyond.  Always a mystery; always something new.  The play of light and dark…


 Passing under the rose arch, I put my hand on the gate and ponder: is this the time to pass through or should I be doing my chores?  No real question there – it’s time.

 I take my hand off the gate, relax and focus… and slither through.

April 17, 2011

Garden Visitor

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One of the joys of being home now that I am retired is to be available to greet visitors that may arrive unannounced, like this turtle.

She had wandered in to a garden area I was about to work in and, as most of the other turtles that I have encountered, looked up straight into my eyes – not at my feet.  Her back was scraped, as if a lawn mower had sliced her shell years ago since it was now well healed. I put her into a bucket and brought out some blueberries, a slice of banana and some tender lettuce – all of which I’ve found turtles like – but each with their preferences.


She went right for the blueberries and demolished them as you can see, as well as the scrapes on her back.  It was wonderful to once again watch and hold a sweet turtle, one of many who have more personality, preferences and awareness than most people would expect. And there is much to learn from them, like patience and pacing oneself one step at a time, but also keeping your eye on the goal and overcoming challenges and obstacles along the way.

So glad I was home to welcome this garden visitor.

April 8, 2011


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I started on ‘spring’ early this year by planting an indoor garden in November.  Hands in dirt planting seeds filled with the promise of good taste and nutrition is always rejuvenating for me.  December and January saw things coming up gingerly as I watered and misted  and talked to the bright seedlings rising to the light.  By February and March everything was developed enough to eat the salad greens and the herbs, like basil, cilantro, parsley and dill.  What a treat for both the eyes and the taste buds.

And outside the grape hyacinths and tulips have been blooming along with the henbit, dandelions and violets. All shades of green form the backdrop to the vibrant colors.

The angel is healing from having one of her wings broken off when either a squirrel, raccon or the wind knocked her over.  She is still lovely even with only one wing.

What beauty and healing within and without!

May 25, 2008

Into The Well – 1

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I finished glancing through a Toscano catalog, enjoying all the beautiful sculptures suitable for putting in the garden.  Most everything was too expensive for me to ever buy, but just looking always inspired me with garden ideas more suitable for my budget.  So I then decide to wander through the garden, as the various possibilities were still fresh.


I wander through the flower and vegetable gardens, around the huge wild rose bush in bloom, past the honeysuckle overgrowing the old fence, and roam through the back gate onto the rest of the property, all wild and abandoned.  Clumps of daisies and cluster of late-blooming daffodils poke through wild grasses and tumbled stone, evidence of caring habitation in the old homestead that had been here years ago.  Part of the local stone chimney was evident, now a haven for snakes and other critters.   Giving the chimney a wide berth, I move behind it toward a particularly beautiful setting of blackberry flowers cascading on prolific branches.  They seem to form a circle with an opening in the center, but as I walk around the perimeter, I’m not able to penetrate within.  Something smaller was needed to avoid all the thorns… Yes, a bee.


I throw my garden/woods-wandering satchel over the blackberries wall and shape-shift into a bee able to fly between branches to avoid the thorns.  But the overpowering fragrance calls to me to stop and collect some pollen.  And then I fly to the next flower, and the next.  Wait a minute… I’m a bee in order to egress to the center, not to stop at every flower for pollen.  It can be hard to become something and not get caught into all the aspects of that something, all the instincts and attachments.  Focus… focus…   


I shoot straight to the center and see a round wooden plank cover lying there, encrusted with moss in places.  A metal handle pokes out of the center, so I shift back into my overweight self and pick up the satchel.  As I glance around I think back to the catalogue I had just seen and remember one of the items for sale entitled “The Dweller Below.”  This sculpture by artist Liam Manchester portrayed a legendary boogeyman rising from beneath the streets of London through a manhole cover.




 The sculpture gave me second thoughts about pulling the cover off, but really, what do boogeymen roaming the city-streets of London have to do with a well in Ozarks country.  Grunting, I pull off the cover and peer within, expecting to see water below.   Instead, there are stairs leading down into blackness.  What is this?  Not a water-well which are common around the farms here, but a passageway.  Where does it lead?  Could this have been an escape route in case of attack from rustlers or Indians way back?  How long ago was that homestead here?  Maybe it’s  more of an escape for during the Civil War when the North and South fought heavily in this area.  Part of the underground railway?  Where does this lead?


I pull out the flashlight from my satchel, glad the batteries were new, plus I had extra in the bag.  I tie a Kleenex on the tip of a nearby branch as evidence I was here, just in case… 



(see also http://pythiangames.wordpress.com/2008/05/25/into-the-well/#comments)


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