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March 21, 2016

Coral Under the Sea

This is the finished piece I did inspired from a class taken online with Paivi Eerola called Inspirational Drawings.

2015-7-31 finished Coral under the Ocean

Her method is so organic in that it starts with scribbling in pen all over creating the basic lines and shapes to work with – no planning ahead.

2015-7-17 Coral under the Ocean 1 beginnings

Then one uses colored pencils all over, varying as one goes with no outcome in mind, adding black highlights here and there and starting to see what may be happening.

2015-7-15-22 Coral under the Ocean 2 middle

Adding in a bit more of doodling and zentangle designs here and there helps to move it forward.  I also collaged on a few pieces of works I had previously done for another project which seemed to fit the design style and which brought me to the finished product seen at the beginning.  Pebbles more defined and in darker colors at bottom give a base for the piece of “Coral Under the Sea” even though I could also see many other ways I could have interpreted it (like using the face that appeared).

This is not at all my usual style but I love the freedom and the flow in the process itself.  Paivi is a wonderful teacher filled with information as well as inspiration  and combining looking at art from both sides of the brain – analytic along with creative.












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