healing haven

August 13, 2013

Stamping for Project Life & Art Journals

Simple stamping in preparing some cards and embellishments ahead of time is helpful to have on hand and fun to do.

8-2-13  PL cardstock w-stamping - Copy

Cut out some cardstock to the correct sizes and stamp away.  Then use your circle punch on those same cardstocks to stamp and enjoy the results when mixed in with cut-out circles from other papers.  these can also be used in art journals.

8-2-13  PL circles w-stamping - Copy

There is no limit to what you can do.

May 8, 2013

Visual Nourishment

One of the reasons I so like Pinterest is the Visual Nourishment it provides me when I look at the pages of either my boards (here is a sample) 

Sample of my Pinterest Boards

or the boards of others.  It almost doesn’t matter what the topic is – the visuals are wonderful and are very important to a visual person such as myself.   So as you are looking at the pins others have put on their boards that you follow either because you are interested in the topic  or just like to look at a topic, you get to choose which pins you want to put onto your boards.

 One of the choices you make is what to name your boards.  Most do  it by nouns: turtles, gardens, dance,  flowers, labyrinths, mandalas, art journals, quotes, childhood memories, etc. 

For some reason I tend to think in patterns and so named many boards for a theme that occurs in many different areas but all sharing the same trait, so turtles and gardening are on my Healing Haven board, the wonders of people’s faces and diversity of cultures are on Faces of Wisdom and Faces of the World boards, Project Life pages people have completed or cards available for printing are included in the Project Life board, while mandalas, labyrinths and meditation/spiritual pins are all on my Journey to the Center board.  

I’ll be more specific about the boards on a follow-up post and also include how the pins assist me in doing my Project Life albums.

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