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Project Life

Project Life was introduced by Becky Higgins as a memory-keeping system of incorporating photographs and anything else you would like to save in your albums and can be made as elaborate or as simple as you choose.  There are no rules regarding how to use anything – it is entirely up to what fits your style and time limits.

This concept is now available from many different web sites and stores, and in both physical and digital formats.  If you search Amazon and other sites (like Pinterest) for ‘Becky Higgins’ or ‘Project Life’, you will see a listing of the products available.

I do not list the various products used in my blogs;  I just enjoy them all, whether my photos, purchased or made Projects Life cards, Pinterest printables or other pinned items.  Part of the fun is in making your own cards and embellishments.  And I do not tend to include my pages with pictures of people for privacy reasons.  Use the cloud “Project Life” listing to see all the related topics.


June 5, 2013

Project Life Organization

Each has their own specific organizing technique that works best, and many times it takes a while after starting any project, like Project Life, to figure out what is your best way.   One begins slowly accumulating items, like  card kits from Becky Higgins (www.beckyhiggins.com).  I started with the Clementine set and used only that for a while.  Now I have the standard sets of Clementine, Cobalt, Cherry and the mini For Him) and various 12×12 papers and stencils from the local Hobby Lobby (which now carries some of the Becky Higgins Project Life items).  I found that boxes and a plastic rolling cart from Hobby Lobby worked fine.

Project Life Card Storage

Project Life Card Storage

This also shows the many cards I printed out from Pinterest to insert because of the beautiful colors or the intriguing words.  I also made many cards by adding washi tape or doodling onto the journal cards (which I’ll show and discuss at a later time).

Rolling cart with all embellishments

Rolling cart with all embellishments

This cart can be rolled around to accommodate use of space and where one happens to be working.    The 2 lower drawers are filled with 12×12 paper and pads of paper, pictures I’ve taken from various batches so I can go back and look for what I want, stencils, stickers, paints/pens/brushes, stamps and stamp pads, etc.   The cart came with each drawer having a lid which is perfect for traveling but for everyday use, I took off the lids for easy and quick access.  Works great for me.

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