healing haven


Maple Arrows


As arrows shot from a volley of archers

towards an unseen foe

land in unison

arrowheads imbedded in ground

with shafts all at the same angle

littering the ground,


So do maple trees shoot their seed-pods

in spring to impregnate the soil

as seed heads are driven deep

the dried shafts – their job done,

cover the earth.


In fall the seed pods are double-winged

each a Siamese twin

Over winter they dry


for spring breezes to separate the twins

and implant each one

to provide for new seedlings.


Not death, but life, comes from this volley

       as nature, not man, has designed.


(published at Taborri Press)



The Weeping of a Disappointed Womb

About 6 years ago I underwent a hysterectomy because of endometrial cancer.  At home for almost a 7-week recovery, I had a chance to reevaluate my life and my job, and to more consciously create a healing haven for myself.  At that time I thought I was dealing with the loss of my uterus and with the brush with cancer, but a year later it really hit me.  This poem was the result:


                     The Weeping of a Disappointed Womb


hiatus in the weeping

of a disappointed womb


this womb embraced

wonderous babes  


My womb was pleased

and so was I

we both reveled

in the ease

of pregnancy

the joy of birth             


Long ago

a nurse said “the weeping

of a disappointed womb”

was a uterine function;

it stuck over the years

as I pondered

its accuracy and intent.                       


This womb, my womb,

provided good service

Symbolized the part of me,

hidden from incursions

of others

in use and abuse;


within my body


unconsciously by me,

until I could learn

to speak for myself. 


As I apply

this wisdom

the uterus is taken from me

– endometrial cancer

hysterectomy needed

just enough time

for quick words, thoughts

gratitude, love, appreciation

for all its gentle weeping

all its being there with me 

My womb is gone – and now I weep!                                             

 (published in Releasing Times)


(see also http://solacetemple.wordpress.com/2008/03/16/the-weeping-of-a-disappointed-womb/#comments)

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