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May 10, 2011

Slither Through

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The sunshine draws me outdoors, to stand breathing deeply the fragrance of the enormous, newly flowering wild rose bush as I look around the back yard.  The rains and floods have gone, at least for a while, having taken lives and property even as they penetrated to feed the deepest roots of the trees.  Herbs and salad greens, tomatoes and peppers, leeks and cukes all flourishing on the deck.  The peonies have just opened providing what appears to be a delightful meal for ants. The sun shines through the Japanese maple leaves creating a stained glass glow to the now vivid-red translucent leaves against the green leaves of the Apache willow and the blue sky.


I long to be a part of the beauty and peace of the moment.  Birds call to one another and to me, in various voices.  Shades of green flicker as the air wafts through trees and birds zoom through the tiny openings.  A brown rabbit has been a statue, watching me as I watch it.  I step off the deck and walk toward the rose bush.  The cascading branches filled with flowers call me closer.  I see the gate just under the abundance of fragrant roses, calling me to what lies beyond.  Always a mystery; always something new.  The play of light and dark…


 Passing under the rose arch, I put my hand on the gate and ponder: is this the time to pass through or should I be doing my chores?  No real question there – it’s time.

 I take my hand off the gate, relax and focus… and slither through.

April 17, 2011

Garden Visitor

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One of the joys of being home now that I am retired is to be available to greet visitors that may arrive unannounced, like this turtle.

She had wandered in to a garden area I was about to work in and, as most of the other turtles that I have encountered, looked up straight into my eyes – not at my feet.  Her back was scraped, as if a lawn mower had sliced her shell years ago since it was now well healed. I put her into a bucket and brought out some blueberries, a slice of banana and some tender lettuce – all of which I’ve found turtles like – but each with their preferences.


She went right for the blueberries and demolished them as you can see, as well as the scrapes on her back.  It was wonderful to once again watch and hold a sweet turtle, one of many who have more personality, preferences and awareness than most people would expect. And there is much to learn from them, like patience and pacing oneself one step at a time, but also keeping your eye on the goal and overcoming challenges and obstacles along the way.

So glad I was home to welcome this garden visitor.

March 9, 2011


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I made this for my grand-daughter’s birthday after having seen something like it in a “Cloth, Paper, Scissors” magazine.  It was a joy to design, to put together and to add the little memories.

The little notepad in the front had some memories regarding her four paternal great-grandparents and grandparent.

                                  This is the whole pocket-purse

                                One of the pockets

                            This is the back closed with elastic gold

January 2011

December 28, 2010

Creativity Creed

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Creativity Creed



September 26, 2009

My Gratitude Flower

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For the opening of the hospice workshop this year on Gratitude, I asked everyone to fill in a gratitude flower I had created.   The petals of a sunflower seemed like an appropriate way to express gratitude since the petals allow for individual items and the sunflower is associated with sunshine and good feelings. I drew large petals surrounding the inner circle and made copies for everyone.  Each person was to fill in the items he or she were grateful for, and then paste their picture that they brought along for this purpose, in the center of the sunflower.  The finished project became the first page in their new Gratitude Journals that would be worked on throughout the day (for another see Timeline Goals in A Hestia Project).


My Gratitude Flower-filled in-cropped. 

This was my page which I then added my picture to.  I have since put it in my Gratitude/Legacy Project, but am not sure where it will wind up since it has to do with general categories I am grateful for rather than about specific people.  I do plan to then take this same sunflower outline and put in the names of people I am grateful for, probably having to add more petals to make this work or to break down the people into specific categories for each sunflower.  Perhaps then even use one sunflower per person with their picture or name in the center and listing the various aspects of them I am grateful for.  Since this is an ongoing project, there is no telling where or what this will develop into.

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