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About Thalia

Living in the Arkansas Ozarks in Northwest Arkansas, Thalia enjoys the healing richness of the beautiful rolling hills and mountains, lakes and rivers, four seasons and people.

She has been working with making SoulCollage cards since 2006 after reading Seena Frost’s book and getting Anne Marie Bennett’s Kaleideosoul newsletter and resources. Around the same time she came across Marney Makridakis’ Artella, which she subscribed to for years but have stopped since retiring.

Thalia also came across Heather Blakey’s Soul Food Café which prompted her to learn blogging and gave her a venue for writing and sharing some of the myriad creative activities she was working on through the years and incorporated into her years of hospice work.

In November 2011, Thalia started working with the Becky Higgins Project Life memory keeping system which combines pictures of everyday life and journaling. She also use collage cards on her blogs and in Project Life, as all the components of these activities are interconnected and help her to further inner processing and adds to her memoir writing and photo organizing. Just recently she came in contact with a trained SoulCollage art therapist which has led her to further card making exploration.

After being married for 33 years with 2 sons, 5 grandchildren, and 1 great-grand daughter, Thalia has now been with a life-partner/soul-mate for over 20 years, sharing many spiritual and creative interests.

For discussions of a more serious nature, visit http://osbethsview.wordpress.com

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  1. Dear Thalia

    Are you familiar with your Arkansas neighbor Jim Young ?



    a warm smile
    silent lotus

    Comment by silent lotus — April 18, 2008 @ 7:29 am |Reply

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