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September 27, 2013

Washi tape wheel holder

I recently bought this rotating wooden washi tape wheel holder from All Ready Memories and found it held most of my collection of washi tapes which I had acquired slowly – over time – on sale.

9-14-13  (1) washi holder w-tapes

It is constructed in a very clever way, allowing for the dowels to be removed and washi tape  added or moved around.  I organized the washi tapes primarily by color, as you can see from the picture above.   The following picture is taken from the side to show more of the construction with the dowels and holder wheel stand.

9-14-13  (2) washi holder side view

This has been so helpful, not only to have all my tapes handy and accessible at a glance but also to have something so colorful and attractive.  I use the washi tapes for Project Life cards, SoulCollage cards, greeting cards or use in various other art journaling and craft projects.

September 25, 2013

Bikes, Blues & BBQ

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An annual Bikes, Blues & BBQ rally occurs where 350,000 people on motorcycles come into our town for music and BBQ.  Last year I did a computer Project Life card depicting the event using pictures from a local newspaper with comments:

B,B,BBQ  2012

This year I did a collage card for the same event with 400,000 participants.  I generally avoid town on those days but had seen a large flock of blackbirds on my way to the store on the first day of the event and thought of how they looked like they were dressed in black leather.  Later that day I saw a small flock of Canadian geese.  I used clip art pictures and washi tape to make a collage card.

collage-B,B,BBQ  (2013-9-23)

My comments will be either on the back of this card or on a separate color or picture-coordinated Project Life card for my album.  The B, B & BBQ is a boon for the businesses in the area as well as for our local charities, which get sizable donations from the rally.

September 17, 2013

Greeting Cards

A while back I started to make greeting cards for some of the people I love.  It is a pleasure to think of them as I worked on the cards.  Photos of the person(s) involved add to the uniqueness of the cards but those won’t be shown here.  This example was the front for a job well done:

front of card

This stamped card for a just announced pregnant couple used a picture from Pinterest as well as a wood chip heart:

Tara&Joe Anniv card-2nd inside - Copy

This used washi tape, stamping and stitched together quotes from Pinterest for a birthday:

Susie inside - Copy

Of course, various washi tapes, stamping, embellishments all add  to it.  And maybe even a print of a great quote or picture from Pinterest.  After I make the cards, I scan them to use in my Project Life albums.  This is a nice way to further remind me what I have made even as it honors that person and those events.

September 9, 2013

Project Life Diversity

This page shows diversity:

8-15-13  PL pages to post Eclipse to vet, garden

of pictures and journaling, bought and embellishment-added cards as well as subject matter: unhappy cat at vets for nail-clipping, messy drying apples process, garden updates and some daily journaling.  The cat was happy when back home and I was happy to have the dried apples to eat.

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