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July 10, 2013

Enhancing Project Life Cards

It’s amazing what a touch of washi will do.  Enhancing some of the Project Life cards that come in the various kits is something I enjoy, not only doing but also then having the new cards to use.  There are times when the original cards are perfect and other times when a bit more embellishment is needed, at least for my visual tastes.  For example, this card from the Becky Higgins Cobalt set:

originals for embel - Copy

becomes this card with a little embellishment.  Yet for me the slight additions of outlining a few words and adding washi tape makes a huge difference in the overall effect:

4x6 remember card w-burgundy washi

This can be done by detailing with a pen (so you ‘remember’) and adding burgundy washi tape as above or just some extra birdcage washi tape on the bottom of this Cobalt card as here:

3x4 Document everyday black & white w-birdcage washi

and here is some black background with white circles washi tape on a Cobalt card to accentuate the printed words:

3x4 Live out Loud (cream, black trim)

And here to add extra color along the top with washi tape on this Clementine “Live in the moment” card:

3x4 Live i n the Moment Cobalt w-washi

I then take the newly embellished cards, scan them and have each to print out as needed.  Creative, yet useful.


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