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July 31, 2013

‘Joyful’ Journal Page

Someone I know was trying to find some joy in her life so I created this collage using various images gathered from various places, and added washi tape for a finishing border:

Joy for Katherine's w-washi

She pinned it up on her cork-board in her nursing home room so she could see it and be reminded of the things in her life she could still be grateful for and joyful about.  Many thanks to everyone whose work contributed to someone’s joy.  The process enhanced my life as well as hers.

July 23, 2013

More enhanced Project Life cards

There are so many possibilities to enhance your Project Life cards: 3x4 orange-crm disagonal border w-orange block washi with a bit of imagination  and creativity, plus  some washi tape and basic PL cards (this one from Becky Higgins kit “for Him”, you can make what suits your needs and eye.  Or this where two different washi tapes are used on a printable from Pinterest: cards  - Copy

Or where I utilized pieces of leftover washi on a plain lined card:

3x4 cream w-patchwork washi

There’s no end to the possibilities.

July 10, 2013

Enhancing Project Life Cards

It’s amazing what a touch of washi will do.  Enhancing some of the Project Life cards that come in the various kits is something I enjoy, not only doing but also then having the new cards to use.  There are times when the original cards are perfect and other times when a bit more embellishment is needed, at least for my visual tastes.  For example, this card from the Becky Higgins Cobalt set:

originals for embel - Copy

becomes this card with a little embellishment.  Yet for me the slight additions of outlining a few words and adding washi tape makes a huge difference in the overall effect:

4x6 remember card w-burgundy washi

This can be done by detailing with a pen (so you ‘remember’) and adding burgundy washi tape as above or just some extra birdcage washi tape on the bottom of this Cobalt card as here:

3x4 Document everyday black & white w-birdcage washi

and here is some black background with white circles washi tape on a Cobalt card to accentuate the printed words:

3x4 Live out Loud (cream, black trim)

And here to add extra color along the top with washi tape on this Clementine “Live in the moment” card:

3x4 Live i n the Moment Cobalt w-washi

I then take the newly embellished cards, scan them and have each to print out as needed.  Creative, yet useful.

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