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May 17, 2013

Snakes in the Garden

Recently I made a knitted striped snake for my granddaughter.  She loves the colors of purple and blue, so that is what I primarily used.  Then she seemed to want a hat – a decorated, fancy red hat.  Maybe an Easter bonnet.  And of course, I included the process pictures as a 6×12 insert in my Project Life album:

Knitted snake Project Life page

Knitted snake Project Life page

This was fun to knit and great for working on while watching TV.  And such a cute example of a snake, similar to some of the pretty green snakes in the garden hanging from a tree and even found in one of my shrubs.

I remember, when I lived on 25 acres out in the countryside here in the Ozarks, reaching in to pick green beans we had planted in 4-foot-wide double-dug French Intensive style garden beds.  Hard to do with all the rocks in the hillside ground.  (We wound up with a huge pile of rocks that we then used for building walls, etc..)   In using this intensive method, the beans were planted close together than ususal forming a thick layer of green bean leaves making it impossible to see beneath.  I reached in and… grabbed a snake!  I jumped back but managed to see what it looked like.  Ran inside and got out my snake book and there it was, a black king rat snake – totally harmless for humans and actually good to have around in one’s garden.

Snakes have their place, whether as a knitted play/display snake or in the garden.


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