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May 30, 2013

List of 10 Favorite Childhood Toys

This weeks prompt from Shabby Blogs Tuesday Ten List is to share 10 of your favorite toys from childhood. 

ShabbyBlogs Tuesday Ten

ShabbyBlogs Tuesday Ten

I once again made Project Life cards out of the items I already had on my Pinterest Board entitled “Childhood Memories.”  Going through my Pinterest Board brought back so many memories in itself, and then having to pick out 10 items for favorites was easy in a way because many of the items could be discounted by not being toys as they were related to many different books, early movies and TV shows, furniture,  candy and other various items.  Card number 1 was  quickly made starting from toys I loved as a baby on up for a few years.

Favorites from early childhood

Favorites from early childhood

Then it got harder because I couldn’t pin it down to just 10, so I included an 11th, my ballet slippers – I loved dancing school and dancing, particularly toe dancing. 

Favorites from about ages 6-13

Favorites from about ages 6-13

As you can see from these images, my childhood was in the 1940’s through the early 1950’s.   I even included the now antiquated but then new technology of the 3-D viewer with discs.   Mid-century it is called now, but to me it was favorite childhood toys and memories.

May 19, 2013

A Real Snake in the Garden

Imagine my surprise, that after posting about a handmade knitted snake and a real experience about a snake years ago, I go outside and mow a bit then come back inside.  Later, I go out again and find a snake about 4 feet long by the mower.   It allows me to go back into the house and get my camera to get some pictures.   When it starts to move away going down the hill, I go up on the deck to keep it moving in that direction. 

A real snake in the garden.  Not that it is so unusual  (mostly turtles are seen roaming) but to happen on the same day I posted about a knitted snake is interesting.  I took the pictures and made them into another 6×10 insert for my Project Life album along with a section relating the details of the story.   I enjoy using Project Life to combine journaling with pictures to tell a more complete story.


May 17, 2013

May 17, 2013

As I watched the snake, I was aware of how graceful it moved, like ripples in the water.  The scales barely moved yet there was a pattern of motion , and I wondered if the snake could feel that as they propelled him along.  Or was it all so natural and familiar that he didn’t notice at all, or appreciate his own grace and beauty. 

Often we are unaware of the impact we make on others and of our own type of beauty.



May 17, 2013

Snakes in the Garden

Recently I made a knitted striped snake for my granddaughter.  She loves the colors of purple and blue, so that is what I primarily used.  Then she seemed to want a hat – a decorated, fancy red hat.  Maybe an Easter bonnet.  And of course, I included the process pictures as a 6×12 insert in my Project Life album:

Knitted snake Project Life page

Knitted snake Project Life page

This was fun to knit and great for working on while watching TV.  And such a cute example of a snake, similar to some of the pretty green snakes in the garden hanging from a tree and even found in one of my shrubs.

I remember, when I lived on 25 acres out in the countryside here in the Ozarks, reaching in to pick green beans we had planted in 4-foot-wide double-dug French Intensive style garden beds.  Hard to do with all the rocks in the hillside ground.  (We wound up with a huge pile of rocks that we then used for building walls, etc..)   In using this intensive method, the beans were planted close together than ususal forming a thick layer of green bean leaves making it impossible to see beneath.  I reached in and… grabbed a snake!  I jumped back but managed to see what it looked like.  Ran inside and got out my snake book and there it was, a black king rat snake – totally harmless for humans and actually good to have around in one’s garden.

Snakes have their place, whether as a knitted play/display snake or in the garden.

May 13, 2013

Happiness is…

This weeks Top 10 on Tuesday link party list from Shabby Blogs presents the question of what makes us happy. 

ShabbyBlogs Tuesday Ten

ShabbyBlogs Tuesday Ten

It is hard to stop at only 10 items, but that is what was asked for.  Again, I was able to make it into a card that I can use for my Project Life album.


How lucky we are regardless of what our struggles may be.

May 8, 2013

Visual Nourishment

One of the reasons I so like Pinterest is the Visual Nourishment it provides me when I look at the pages of either my boards (here is a sample) 

Sample of my Pinterest Boards

or the boards of others.  It almost doesn’t matter what the topic is – the visuals are wonderful and are very important to a visual person such as myself.   So as you are looking at the pins others have put on their boards that you follow either because you are interested in the topic  or just like to look at a topic, you get to choose which pins you want to put onto your boards.

 One of the choices you make is what to name your boards.  Most do  it by nouns: turtles, gardens, dance,  flowers, labyrinths, mandalas, art journals, quotes, childhood memories, etc. 

For some reason I tend to think in patterns and so named many boards for a theme that occurs in many different areas but all sharing the same trait, so turtles and gardening are on my Healing Haven board, the wonders of people’s faces and diversity of cultures are on Faces of Wisdom and Faces of the World boards, Project Life pages people have completed or cards available for printing are included in the Project Life board, while mandalas, labyrinths and meditation/spiritual pins are all on my Journey to the Center board.  

I’ll be more specific about the boards on a follow-up post and also include how the pins assist me in doing my Project Life albums.

May 2, 2013

Link Party Lists combined with Project Life

I came across the Shabby Blogs site (http://shabbyblogsblog.blogspot.com) where she is conducting a Link Party List that comes out each Tuesday.   Check it out if you are interested in either participating or checking out the links: 

ShabbyBlogs Tuesday Ten

ShabbyBlogs Tuesday Ten

I thought this would be  great way to combine her project with my Project life album I have been keeping, so I made my list of 10 random facts about myself in the form of 4×6 cards I made that I can print out and insert  in my page protectors:

5-1-13 List- random things self-front-cr

and the next 5 items on page 2:

5-1-13 List- random things self-2nd pf-cr

This was a very interesting way of combining the two different projects.  I am looking forward to continuing creatively incorporating blogging and Project Life.

May 1, 2013

Project Life Beginnings

It was right after I made the previously mentioned Razorback Bear for my teenage grandson in December 2011 that I started investigating and then getting involved with Project life, so the Razorback Bear was a major part of one of the first pages to be included in this system designed to meld picture albums and journaling. 

Project Life page for Christmas 2012

Project Life page for Christmas 2012

Project Life is a system originated and developed by Becky Higgins that includes whatever components you want to use, but basically an album, divided pocket pages holding various size pictures or cards, the pictures you take, and other cards specially designed to fit into the 3×4 or 4×6 plastic page slots of the pocket pages.  I started with the Clementine set for 2012, and this year got the Cobolt set.  Love them both along with my own pictures and also images I get from Pinterest, another online networking site.    

Title page for 2012 album

Title page for 2012 album

This is the title page for my 2012 album using a store-bought album and background paper from Hobby Lobby while the cards are from the Becky Higgins Clementine set, available from Amazon.  The use of pocket pages makes the layouts easy as you can choose from many different layout presentations.  I tend to use Pocket Page D most of the time, but have been using inserts for special days, like for someone’s birthday or anniversary.

I’ve noticed that many people come from a scrapbooking background and so tend to embellish/scrapbook their Project Life inclusions.  And almost everyone does one week in a 2-page spread.  Right from the beginning I realized that, for less stress, I needed to include as many pictures and journaling cards as was needed and wanted, so many weeks spilled way over the 2 pages.  Also I prefer a simpler approach so color and visual enjoyment seem to predominate my layouts with lots of journaling on the backs of cards and pictures.  A lone dandelion in a flower-pot filled with chickweed is as worthy of a picture as well as the many pictures I take of people, the garden and its inhabitants,  like the many turtle visitors. 


And I do not keep track of where I got what embellishment from – this has been for my pleasure – and I am very pleased, with the process and the results.

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