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April 17, 2011

Garden Visitor

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One of the joys of being home now that I am retired is to be available to greet visitors that may arrive unannounced, like this turtle.

She had wandered in to a garden area I was about to work in and, as most of the other turtles that I have encountered, looked up straight into my eyes – not at my feet.  Her back was scraped, as if a lawn mower had sliced her shell years ago since it was now well healed. I put her into a bucket and brought out some blueberries, a slice of banana and some tender lettuce – all of which I’ve found turtles like – but each with their preferences.


She went right for the blueberries and demolished them as you can see, as well as the scrapes on her back.  It was wonderful to once again watch and hold a sweet turtle, one of many who have more personality, preferences and awareness than most people would expect. And there is much to learn from them, like patience and pacing oneself one step at a time, but also keeping your eye on the goal and overcoming challenges and obstacles along the way.

So glad I was home to welcome this garden visitor.

April 8, 2011


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I started on ‘spring’ early this year by planting an indoor garden in November.  Hands in dirt planting seeds filled with the promise of good taste and nutrition is always rejuvenating for me.  December and January saw things coming up gingerly as I watered and misted  and talked to the bright seedlings rising to the light.  By February and March everything was developed enough to eat the salad greens and the herbs, like basil, cilantro, parsley and dill.  What a treat for both the eyes and the taste buds.

And outside the grape hyacinths and tulips have been blooming along with the henbit, dandelions and violets. All shades of green form the backdrop to the vibrant colors.

The angel is healing from having one of her wings broken off when either a squirrel, raccon or the wind knocked her over.  She is still lovely even with only one wing.

What beauty and healing within and without!

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