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March 22, 2008

rain… lots of rain

Filed under: gardening — by thalia @ 1:17 pm

This week we had more rain in one day than I have seen in the 25 years I have lived in this area.  Roads were covered in various depths of water, country bridges washed away, rivers and creeks overflowing, cars and trucks stranded in the high-flowing waters with drivers missing and presumed swept away, homes flooded out.  

It was particularly hard on the hospice staff having to make home visits.  They even got calls from families not to come because the bridge was out or the dirt road was impassable mud.  Yet everyone did what they could and provided excellent care.  Wouldn’t be the first time police or firemen were requested to help staff get to a patient.   

I finally squished my way home, fully expecting the backyard to be immersed in flowing creek water.  But it wasn’t.  Don’t know what made the difference since other years’ flooding  brought the creek waters rising up the slope of the backyard.  We were lucky!  As was our gnome statue gnome who actually was swept away in one of those floods.  He was named ‘Lucky’ after we found him residing in a bed of debris all the way in the far back corner.

The rain will provide the necessary moisture for the spring flowers and trees.  The next day all the Bradford Pears and forcythia opened even though it is likely they will get zapped out by the sure-to-still-occur frost.   If this had been snow we would have been totally immersed. 

The weather has been doing many odd things of late and this was just one of them.  Time for every one of us to make amends to Gaia and practice good earth-sharing with all beings calling this earth home. 


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